Kerry Kott is a Licensed Primary Care Physician and a graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine where she received her Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. She a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Food Healing Instructor, certified in Pranic Psychotherapy healing, a Spiritual Teacher and Medical Intuitive.

Kerry believes that all aspects—mind, body and spirit—need to be observed and treated for complete wellness. She passionately dives beyond the surface of every client who walks into her office as she helps them unravel their difficulties by focusing on their desired outcome. With gentle and thoughtful empathy, Kerry helps others harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes by clearing the body’s aura and chakras. She specializes in returning the body to balance by healing digestion and invoking positive thinking through the use of acupuncture, Pranic Healing®, food healing, herbal medicine, and essential oils. Among her other specialties you can find addiction recovery, grief healing, women’s health, healthy weight loss, and anxiety/depression.

Kerry thoroughly enjoys expressing her love of life and nature through poetry and painting. Dipping her feet into warm sand and feeling the cool sting of refreshing salt water, inhaling the sweet scent of a crisp spring morning, listening, watching, and being around nature—these are some of the things that make Kerry feel alive. That make her love every second of life she’s given.

Kerry is working on expanding her practice into teaching more classes and speaking to larger groups about the beauty of living a healthy, full life. Ultimately, her goal is to take each day as it comes, inhaling and exhaling all that life has to offer, and helping others discover joy and purpose in the process. Because life shouldn’t pass us by. Life is meant to be lived.

Wholly. Naturally. And Vibrantly.




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