Some sessions are available in person, over the phone (for the lower 48 states), Skype (worldwide) and for your pets!

Dr Kott’s sessions are unique; she works intuitively and applies and utilizes whatever healing tools are guided for working with her patients.  No topic is taboo or embarrassing and everything is confidential and sacred.  If you’ve scheduled a phone or Skype session, Dr Kott will call you at your appointment time.  Before your appointment, read What You Need to Know for your first session here.

Intuitive Guidance | Acupuncture | Cupping | Ear Seeds | Pranic Healing | Facial Rejuvenation | Food Healing | Card Reading | Herbal Medicine | Coaching | Moxibustion | Gua Sha

Sessions are by Phone/Skype or Locally in Tampa for People and/or Pets

All Inclusive Sessions:

45mn: $155

60mn: $195

Couples (Friend, Spouse, Family, etc) – 60mn: $455

Ashiatsu-Fusion | Deep Tissue | Relaxation | Chi Nei Tsang | Sports | Prenatal

First Time Client – 60mn: $59

30mn: $49

60mn: $84

90mn: $114

120mn: $144

Thai-Yoga | Himalayan Salt Rock Massage

75mn: $94

Reiki | Reflexology

30mn: $39

60mn: $69

Couples Massage

60mn: $164

90mn: $224


Law of Attraction | Spiritual Guidance | Energy Healing | Food Healing | Herbal Medicine | Card Reading

Sessions are by Phone/Skype or Locally in Tampa for People and/or Pets

15mn: $55

30mn: $105

45mn: $155


45mn: $295

















All Inclusive Sessions (45 or 60 minutes)

Sessions are always based on the presenting energy of the patient of that day. Dr Kott will utilize constitutional tendencies observed from the patient as an additional base line for treatment.

Sessions may include any of the following modalities: Acupuncture (Energetic Acupuncture with Distant Sessions), Facial Rejuvenation, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Advice, Muscle Testing, Liquid Fish, Ear Seeds, Food Healing, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Crystal Therapy, Card Reading and any other modalities that may be guided during the session.

Birth Delivery Hospital or Home Visit (180 minutes)

This appointment is available for assistance with delivery during your birthing process. Dr Kott will travel to your home or hospital to help you ease through the process of your delivery.

This visit allows for 3 hours of Dr Kott’s time. Additional time may be spent depending on a prior discussion or judgement at time of the birthing process.