Dandelion To Sunset - Freedom to WishThe Dandelion, known as Pu Gong Ying in Chinese Medicine, has powerful benefits you may not be aware of.

It is rich in Vitamin A and Potassium and is more beneficial than spinach. Dandelion leaves can be used as greens in salads or substituted for recipes calling for spinach, the dried roots can be used for a coffee-like beverage, and the blossoms for wine.

Dandelion is known for its Liver detoxifying abilities and is useful for purifying and building blood. It can be used as a mild antibiotic and diuretic as well.

What you might not have known is the Dandelions root use in treatment of breast cancer. An experiment published in the “Journal of the National Cancer Institute”, showed that the root killed breast cancer stem cells and most of the tumor.

And lucky enough you can find Dandelions in your backyard… for FREE!

**Always consult a health professional or your physician before taking any medication, or nutritional, herbal, or homeopathic supplement for a health problem.