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Post Treatment Care

1) Avoid alcohol & caffeine  after your treatment.

2) DO NOT engage in any stimulating activities for at least 3 hours after treatment.  Engaging in physical activity or a high stress environment may disrupt the healing process of the treatment.

3) Relax.  Be easy on yourself.  It is best enjoy anything soothing to you after your treatment; a good/nourishing meal, a nap, a walk in the park, painting, etc.

4) Make note of any emotional, mentally and/or physical changes.  Note: It is important to pay special attention to the positive changes as focusing on what may not have changed hinders your healing progression

5) Make note of any thoughts, emotions and conversations that trigger discomfort; emotionally, mentally and physically.

6) Be transparent and authentic with yourself.

7) Your body may release emotions the day of your treatment and thereafter.  Allow yourself to freely express and be present with any emotions you may experience.  By being present and expressing the emotion, you allow yourself to fully release, detox and heal from whatever you’ve been holding onto.

8) Toxins not only leave the body through emotions, but through the bowels, urination and skin.  More bowel movements and urination may be experienced as another avenue of the body to detox.

9) Consistency is your friend.  The more you are consistent and follow through with any suggestions made during your treatment, the sooner you feel better.  Skipping herb dosages or continuing to eat a food that makes you feel unhappy inhibits you from an easier transformation.

10)  Contact me if questions arise in regard to things discussed during your treatment; food, smoothies, herbs, oils, ear seeds, etc.  You can email me at: