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Do you have the desire to create something for you life, something so amazing?  Maybe it’s a new relationship, a work project, happiness, an improved bodily condition or maybe you desire refinement so more good things can consistently flow in.  And there has been something in your way.  It’s not happening or maybe it is, but it’s slow in coming. Maybe you feel like you get to a point with it, you think it’s there and then it doesn’t work out.  And some days you feel good and others you don’t or maybe you feel mostly good.  And maybe at the root of it all you’re just plain thinking, “What am I doing wrong?  Why isn’t this working?”

My intention and desire is to assist you in creating the space (time, energy) in allowing whatever it is you desire to flow into your experience (which really means, happen).

First and foremost I work intuitively with you.  What does that mean?  It means I use my ability to connect with the Universe in a way that offers clarity, confirmation, and guidance for you.  I often “see” images and “hear” words that are importance for you.  This ability to connect to the Universe is available to you.  Whether you’re already aware of it or unsure of it, my intention is to help assist you in tapping into or more into your own intuitive guidance.

When guided, I will also work with you through the use of spiritual, energetic and alternative modalities.   I may guide you through meditation, cupping, ear seeds, energy medicine, guided imagery exercises, hands on healing, acupressure, etc.  No matter the avenue I work with you through, the desired outcomes exist in which ever one’s are explored.