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Do you have the desire to create something for you life, something so amazing?  Maybe it’s a new relationship, a work project, happiness, an improved bodily condition or maybe you desire refinement so more good things can consistently flow in.  And there has been something in your way.  It’s not happening or maybe it is, but it’s slow in coming. Maybe you feel like you get to a point with it, you think it’s there and then it doesn’t work out.  And some days you feel good and others you don’t or maybe you feel mostly good.  And maybe at the root of it all you’re just plain thinking, “What am I doing wrong?  Why isn’t this working?”

My intention and desire is to assist you in creating the space (time, energy) in allowing whatever it is you desire to flow into your experience (which really means, happen).

First and foremost I work intuitively with you.  What does that mean?  It means I use my ability to connect with the Universe in a way that offers clarity, confirmation, and guidance for you.  I often “see” images and “hear” words that are importance for you.  This ability to connect to the Universe is available to you.  Whether you’re already aware of it or unsure of it, my intention is to help assist you in tapping into or more into your own intuitive guidance.

When guided, I will also work with you through the use of spiritual, energetic and alternative modalities.   I may guide you through meditation, cupping, ear seeds, energy medicine, guided imagery exercises, hands on healing, acupressure, etc.  No matter the avenue I work with you through, the desired outcomes exist in which ever one’s are explored.

75 Minute Transformation Session – $175

During this experience I will work intuitively with you, allowing whatever conversation is needed in the space to be present and utilize whatever healing tools are transformative in the session.  Sessions will always include Intuitive Guidance, Coaching and Energy Medicine and is always based upon your needs in the moment.  In person sessions may include Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Ear Seeds and Hands on Healing.

Sessions are done by phone or in person.

3 Month Transformation – $1,275

I’ll work with you over a 3 month period in helping you create and become aware of whatever it is you’re desiring to allow in your life.  These 3 months include 9 – 75 Minute Transformation Sessions.  We will have a call or in person session once a week for 3 weeks and allow the 4th week for your personal integration and repeat for the next 2 months.

Anytime you work with me, you have access to me following our time together.  So if you need further clarification, have a question about something we discussed or something comes up for you that you need guidance on, I am available to you.

  • 9 Sessions total
  • 15% discount on all products
  • 1 Complimentary 75 Minute Session to give to ANYONE!

Group Transformation Session – $47 per person

During this experience I will work intuitively with you and others in a group setting.  This is a great setting to bask in the collective energy of a group.  These sessions are done virtually via live YouTube Streaming.

You will be e-mailed a questionnaire for guiding you through your session which will allow you to receive more clearly what it is you are asking for.  The questions are noted below to give you an idea of what’s available to you.

  • What ONE subject/concern/ailment would you like to shift/feel better about?
  • In what ways has this subject/concern/ailment shown up in your life that you are dissatisfied with?
  • In what ways has this subject/concern/ailment t shown up in your life that you are satisfied with?
  • What is your desired outcome in regard to this subject/concern/ailment? What DO want to feel?
  • What came to you during your healing? How are you feeling NOW? What feels possible in your life?
  • Now, ask the Universe/God/Divinity/Source, “What’s next!”

Once we have begun the session, I will guide you through an invocation/blessing, an appreciation and breath work as we begin the session.  We will then flow into a channeled meditation and at this time guided instruments like singing bowls, music, or silence may be included.  This point in the session allows me time for collective and individual energy healing.  At the end of the transmission and energy healing I will share any intuitive messages as a whole.  It is important to listen for how the message is relevant for you.  There is usually 10 minutes included afterwards for questions. Please note the outline of a session may vary depending on what’s guided.

Your group sessions also give you access to a Facebook Group where additional questions and sharing can be expressed.  Often times a question you have, someone else also has and clarity you received may be apart of clarity someone else is asking for.  As you share things that transform for you, it is a gift to others.  You are welcome to stay in the group indefinitely even if you only attend one group session.  Participation in the group is completely up to you!

I recommend finding a comfortable place to lay during your session and whether you fall asleep, go into a trance or are completely conscious is divine and perfect!

Once you have signed up and paid for your session, I will e-mail you your questionnaire and the link for the session of the day you choose.  You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you desire.

My intention for you is that you experience that which you have come to this group healing for, that you experience the clarity you seek, and that you allow more connection with who you really are. Magical results can be experienced in one session. Anything is possible and ultimately the degree of that which is up to you and what you’re ready for.  

Prepayment of Services

All services require prepayment.  Upon booking, you will receive a PayPal Invoice via e-mail for your selected session, which is due upon receipt. Once payment is received your appointment is confirmed. If payment is not received, your appointment has not been confirmed and is not scheduled for the date and time selected.

Any additional charges for herbs, teas, oils, books, etc can be paid during your session time via Cash, Debit/Credit Card and/or HSA (Health Savings Account).

Please note, that we have a two (2) day cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so two days prior to your appointment day.   For more information please check out our Cancellation Policy.

Please call to schedule your Transformation Experience: 989-928-4859