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“… the gentle art of spiritual guidance is simply and profoundly this: holding the space for another to come into deeper relationship with the Real — True Nature, God, the Absolute, the Ground of Being — and to manifest that deepening in their lives.”  ~ Janet Quinn

What Is Spiritual Guidance?

Some of us desire to explore the deepest questions of our lives, questions about God, Spirit, The Universe, Infinite Intelligence, meaning, purpose and calling.  It is not therapy you desire or someone to tell you what is just and what isn’t, but something bigger than that.  Many times you may have had and continue to have experiences that you do not understand, do not know how to explain, or that you would like to explore and enhance more.  It isn’t that you need to be fixed, but rather that you desire a sacred space, a connection of unconditional love and trust to explore and understand.

It’s not that someone else has the ultimate answers, but that you may desire a place where you can be heard, where you can hear yourself, and where someone can help you notice the movement of Spirit in your daily life.  Someone to help bring to light the wisdom and guidance available to you; continuously flowing through you.

There are many personal reasons for seeking spiritual guidance.  There is no right or wrong in the search, the path, the unfoldment of your connection with Spirit.  Spiritual Guidance is about holding the space, a safe place for you to explore your connection.

Pure Elements Healing offers support to help you discern carefully, heartfully, soulfully, and explore your own personal relationship with Spirit.  All services provided incorporate spiritual guidance from private session to classes and workshops.