“Dr. Kott truly has the gift of healing.  She is a patient, kind, and insightful listener who expertly and gently guides me on an ever-strengthening path of treatment.  With Dr Kott at the helm, I have made great progress managing my heart condition and clearly see health on my horizon.  I always leave her facility at Pure Elements better than when I walked in along with guidelines that direct my path nutritionally and psychologically.  I am so thankful to have found her.”  ~Ken K.


“Dr Kott is the most holistic healer I have ever met.  There are times when she is treating ailments I did not know I had.  She is thorough and intuitive and I feel her healing just sitting and talking to her. Those who encounter her in any way are fortunate and blessed.”  ~ Henry S.


“Today was the first day in 7 years with no insulin. Down 20lbs.  Totally awesome and feeling the best I have in ten years.  Loving Life.  No Longer Diabetic.  You are amazing and I am so grateful you are in my life…”  ~ Rick T.


“I was seeking for optimal health and I found it through Dr. Kott’s treatments.  I haven’t felt this great, centered, and energetic for TWO YEARS now.  She is very good at diagnosing and treating through acupuncture, ear seeds and food healing. And no side effects that would come with western medicine/medications.  I can concentrate so much better and clearer since I started seeing her a few weeks ago. I feel great!  I love Dr. Kott!!”  ~ Ted B.


“I wanted to take a few minutes out of my very time sensitive day because Dr Kerry Kott so deserves it!!  I am very active outdoors, love to do many things and for some reason my body is not wanting to keep up with my mind.  I started the traditional way with doctors and orthopedic doctors nothing was helping it and was getting worse.  My back and neck were diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and was told not much can be done.  WELL let me tell you there is something to be done if you take your health into your own hands and go see Dr. Kerry Kott.   I have gone from 10 pain scale to a big fat ZERO!  I am not sure that she even realized what a difference she has made in the quality of my life!  THANK YOU – Patient for Life!”  ~ Kim C.


“Dr Kott is wonderful!  I went to Dr Kott with neuropathy [nerve damage] in hands, forearms, lower legs, and feet. very painful, likely caused by my type 2 diabetes.  After a few sessions of acupuncture, I am pain free and very happy!!  Dr Kott has a wonderful healing presence.”  ~ Tracy B.


“I am a Kerry Kott fan. She has changed my life in a way that I though was not possible.  I am so happy that I went to see her instead of a traditional doctor. The cost is cheaper, there are no crazy expensive tests to be done.  After just one appointment with Dr Kott she made me feel better physically than I had felt in about 2 years. That was without implementing the herbs and small diet changes.  I am always excited to go to my appointments (which are about once per month) because I feel so good when I leave.  She has reduced the stress in my life and helped me feel great! I would recommend trying her before going to a traditional doctor.”  ~ Ashley R.


“I feel like the most important person to her when I go in to have treatment done. She listens & addresses my issues and I walk out feeling 100% better than I did when I walked in to her office.”  ~ Kelly P.


“I had never tried acupuncture before, but after working with Kerry, it is now my go-to healing method. Kerry worked with me on a multitude of things, but what most impressed me was the work that she did with my wrist. A surgery on it had left me unable to do yoga and sore after typing, even months later. After one session with Kerry, I was no longer sore and was able to start yoga again. When I moved to Michigan for a new job, she even sent me with an herbal topical treatment to help me until I could start acupuncture in my new home.”  ~ Amanda S.


“Kerry is an excellent doctor. She has assisted me when 3 different physicians (neurologist, psychiatrist, and psychologist) were unable to.”  ~ Cynthia M.


“Dr Kott is a knowledgeable, genuine, caring and effective healer. She helped me address my anxiety and weight issues through understanding my body and using a holistic approach.  We talked about food for me specifically, about my personal boundaries, herbs, and even utilizing forgiveness to help me let go so my body can heal.  I’ve since then attended a couple of her workshops and it is such an add value to have a well rounded Physician. My whole life has improved. Even the relationship with my wife has become richer through my progress with Dr Kott.”  ~ Adam B.


“I’ve been seeing Kerry for a variety of conditions from stress to anxiety to colds and tensions in my shoulders. I always feel so much better after leaving her office and on top of that she’s super friendly and just a bright soul to be around! I highly recommend everyone to come in and see her for whatever you need!”  ~ Bob D.


“Very impressive! I suffered chronic neck and back pain as well as sleepless nights. My pain has been relieved and I’ve slept through the entire night since seeing Dr. Kott. Highly recommend!!”  ~ Teresea B.