Summer is the perfect time for watermelon consumption. During summer it is the warmest (most Yang) time of the year and cooling foods are recommended to cool the body (nourish your Yin) to stay balanced during this time.

In Chinese medicine watermelon nourishes the heart, kidneys, bladderChild eating watermelon in the garden. Kids eat fruit outdoors. Healthy snack for children. Little girl playing in the garden holding a slice of water melon. Kid gardening. and stomach. It helps assist the body in clearing heat through the bladder and therefore has a diuretic effect. The phytochemical lycopene is found the highest in watermelon, which makes it a great healer for the kidneys and prostate. Patients experiencing kidney stones have effectively utilized watermelon to assist in dissolving stones (ask me how!). Watermelon also has a calming affect on the heart and the body. Its healing ability eases frustration, restlessness and worry.


Patients who have weak digestion, should consume watermelon in moderation. Cold and raw roods are hard on the digestive system and the consumption of watermelon can irritate the digestive tract from its cooling properties and worsen any digestive complaints. It also has a high content in sugar and should be avoided by patients with a diabetes diagnosis.


If you’re looking for a refreshing, hydrating summer drink full of healing properties and electrolytes, choose watermelon!

Oh and why include the white rind? The white rind of the watermelon contains the abundance of phytochemicals which make is so powerfully healing.


What about the seeds?

Not sure what to do with the seeds. Allow them to dry and boil them in water to make a tea. The seeds additionally focus on nourishing the kidneys and have been known to lower high blood pressure!



Watermelon smoothieHydrating, Electrolyte Watermelon Drink

  • 2 cups watermelon with white rind
  • 5 stems and leaves fresh mint
  • 1/3 lemon with white pith
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • Optional: 1 cup coconut water

Place all contents in blender. Blend for 3 minutes.

Drink 2 cups in the morning (before any food or coffee consumption)

Continue to drink throughout the day if desired.