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For Your First Appointment

1) Please bring a list of all medications, supplements, and/or herbs you are taking.

2) Eat a moderate meal an hour or two before your appointment. It is important NOT to come to your appointment hungry or overly full.  Acupuncture is NOT performed on individuals who are fasting.  Note: It takes energy (food) to move/release energy (disease/pain/stress), detox, and nourish the body

3) Please refrain from wearing cologne/perfume, nail polish and makeup to your treatment.

4) Avoid alcohol & caffeine before and after your treatment.

5) Wear comfortable and loose clothing so that treatment areas are easily accessible.

6) Turn your phone on silent or off during your visit.  Remember, this is time for YOU.

7) Be transparent and authentic with yourself.  The more you allow who you are and what you’re feeling to be present during your visit the easier and sooner transformation/healing will happen.

8) My job is to assist you along your path.  It’s important to acknowledge yourself in the improvement of your care.  You are ultimately creating your transformation.

9) During your consult and/or treatment you may experience emotional responses (i.e.: crying, anger, irritability, laughter, joy, worry, guilt, fear..).  Allow yourself to freely express and be present with any emotions you may experience.  By being present and expressing the emotion, you allow yourself to fully release, detox and heal from whatever you’ve been holding onto.

9) After treatment, DO NOT engage in any stimulating activities for at least 3 hours. It is best to be able to stay relaxed, have a nourishing meal, and/or take a nap after treatment. Engaging in physical activity or a high stress environment may disrupt the healing process of the treatment.